Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Skeptical Blue Inquirer.

I am coming back from the company where I will start teaching (thanks to this kind people helping me now in the school where I work) I also found out something said over the place where I work that made me a little blue because as far as I know I have been really loyal and seems sometimes it is not the same from a person there.
Well I am starting to see my budget and timings to figure out a nice way to pay to the great designer and friend who will start my official web page, now with the extra classes I will have the money to pay so I am quite happy, now I need to see how to divide the payments so She can be really happy as I will be with her work..because her work is amazing...!!!
Well, Yesterday the Luchas were not bad but not that was a decent time what it makes me happy is that next Luchas will come Dr. Wagner and I already saved money to buy an original mask from him with his signature...Yay!!!
Comic work, I have some new work to show off by the early days of next week...I am sending some mails and letters to people so We can organize something in the short and long run.

I am taking a nap so see you later with an update in case there is one!!

After the nap now I have insomnia...I will write tomorrow A love for the dummies section because happens that someone will give me back the e mail of Caramel Eyes (Do you remember her?).
Well tomorrow a whole explanation and asking for advice as usual...Great day to all of you!!

RATA!!! is your birthday approaching!!!?????
Let me know and say hello to the other ratitas, please!!!!


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