Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tides of Chaos.

8,318,886 21.57%

13,624,506 35.34%

14,027,214 36.38%

These are the preliminar results of the voting done over July 2nd with 98.45% of the data processed as you can see the virtual winner is PAN, and PRD is trying to fight more than 300,000 votes they need to win and very difficult from what I have heard, there are over more than 2 million votes in hold and in checking.
I am not commenting anything just exposing the results! :)
The only good part is that the participation level was 58.90%

Well I was really busy these two days working on the Essay of the Book I read and I took the whole night to write the Essay from 8 pm to 7 am next morning, in case you are interested I was reading A Book of The History of Industrial Design for the Workshop I am helping to give the notes and also as part of the Monography I am working on and tomorrow I will read a book about Industrial Design and the Methodology for the Good Design and Yes , I have to write a second Essay commenting over the book. :)
Today was a very lucky day because it rained a lot and I got two rides home so I saved some money...Yay!!
I am a bit beated from working all night long but tomorrow in case I can to write down more and give some news on Comic Work.
Wondy hope you are better!!

Great Day!!


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