Monday, July 17, 2006

The Hysteria and The Histerical

Written and produced from 1919 to 1921 by Denmark's master of silent horror Benjamin Christensen, HAXAN, or to use the fully anglicised title, WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES is a bizarre curio that was decades ahead of its time. Indeed the film was banned outside of Sweden for many, many years and only appeared in a severely truncated form in America during 1929, a time when Christensen and a multitude of other European filmakers had succumbed to Hollywood's feverish bid to import foreign talent.
That is a brief summary of the movie I watched yesterday...the most incredible evil disguises I have seen in years.Christensen gives a very good explanation of what it was the conception of Withcraft in the earlies 1920´s.
Well today I started my new class and it seems I am going to enjoy my class because my students are really nice and good.
For today I have no plans at all... well only to attend my afternoon class and return home at night so I can start finally the written body of my Monography.
I have finished the Cover I promised to Bonita Anita so in a couple of days I will load the cover of FAIR the way... DADICUS would you be interested in coloring the piece? :)
And I am drawing a teaser poster for Rocket Girl also.:)

Have a great day and no I haven´t received a mail back from Caramel Eyes yet! :)


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