Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Black Dreams and Black Chalk.

What is wrong with people nowadays? Well I just woke up listening to the Mumbai news and well another 11th Day(If you know a way to start helping people over India let me know), also finally discovered what Materazzi said to Zidane obviously Materazzi will deny saying "you're the son of a terrorist whore", because means a lot of time off and I am sure that Materazzi will be punished big time, and well a friend (such a nice person not harming anyone) in the family was murdered over the weekend and with such a hatred, I still do not understand well why We act like that!
Anyway life is life... I was confirmed some hours I have a course that will help me to pay for my official webpage so stay tune for more suprises over the next months. I am preparing only two more notes for the Workshop and I am finally done with all that work and free again to get into my comic work and to finish my Monography...ahhh yes today is Luchas´Day!! Yay!!
Wondy good luck, am I understanding well and you are getting along with Royalty!!?? :)
June great to have you back!
I hope my next post will be more plucky!!

Have a nice day and please pray for people in the ways and means you know!! :)



The Old Lady said...

I wondered what had been said to Zidane to make him do that.


wondy woman said...

Don't worry Jesus, I might hang with the Royals but I'm still the same humble girl with scuffed shoes!

x x x