Friday, July 14, 2006

Love for Dummies: Email me and Hug me.

Long time without having a Love for Dummies section well in fact I was a bit upset for all the nonsense that was over last time.
Well I told you about red head that just wanted me to be just friends after all the turmoil that happened with her friend (well her friend has been kind of hectic, bizarre, rude and nasty with me but to be honest I do not give a damn shit about it), well at times I still like red head but to be honest I do even want to care anymore even from the fact She likes Fiedric Nietzsche the same as I do :) .
But that is not the reason of this post, well....
Do you remember Caramel eyes?
I have a friend in common and She, in one of our little times to chit chat told me that I was an ass because I had some chances in the past to really start a relation with Caramel Eyes. Well about a year ago a guy was really trying hard to make her be his girlfriend and as I remember I just told you guys that He was a nice guy so I decided just to move aside, I mean I didn´t want to bother her by inviting her out while this nice guy was also trying to convince her, I do not believe in competition and I was also in that time with a sour taste in my mouth because of You Know who, so it is not that I did not want something with her it was more like I didn´t want to disturb her or feel uncomfortable with a bad reaction or backlash (yeah, me and my defense mode).
Some months after and also last conversation I had with this friend I just confirm some info, She was in that time trying to break up with a long distance love She had, and thing She did some weeks after our talking (If you remember well She and I in that time agreed to start going out, I do not know if to call it dating so when I saw this nice guy also trying to ask her out, I just did not understand the situation and I just moved away), well after breaking with this guy She also came clear with that nice fella and She even dare to say to that poor guy "I do not want anything with you because I do not imagine myself kissing you", poor guy If I were him I would have suffered big time, and When I talked with Caramel eyes, She was different and told me that We could start trying to know eachother. So after the conversation I had with that friend and confirming She also told her that She will try to know me I asked her If She could give me her email address and well I have sent her some minutes ago an email and I will invite her out...sad is that a lot of time has passed and maybe She is in a very different moment...But what the heck?!
I will try to give a shot and see what happens!! :)


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The Old Lady said...

Well i see its been a few days and still no mail back.I do hope she's just busy and hasn't time to reply yet.I think sometimes in life you need to push to the front of line and not stand and wait for the others to move aside.That i think applies in love and in other things.