Sunday, July 02, 2006

In-Different? In-Delible? In-D?

I am returning home from voting I had everything so clear as soon as I was in that empty cubicule to vote I thouhgt my vote as If it were a chess game now I hope the odds work as I want.Now me just with my two fingers with indelible ink and waiting for the next President.:)
I have to work today in the report and Essay but to be honest I do not really want to I am feeling a bit sick because I ate too many tacos yesterday while checking some design stores in my town to have some ideas for my Monography, so I haven´t made my mind if starting today or not.My teacher wants everything for tomorrow so I have no idea :).
I watched an interview of Elefant ( a little stuck up guy but his music is really good!), also please listen Sparta many people do not like it but I found it a bit amusing, and now I am watching a video the Dynamites.Yesterday I listened the new cd of The strokes and it was really good so listen a different beat with the great sound strokes has, I was gladly impressed! Buy it If you can.
Also Elan is a girl who sings incredible She is mexican singing in English but her music is a bit pop but is really good.Nice suprise was to watch the video of Pretty Girls Make Graves, great music!!
Where is Chevelle? Where is Chevelle? :).
I forgot to say that I finally got the story for the horror Anthology and I will give an update over the last days of the week!! I really liked what I came up with more than The Box story I made some weeks ago. Nuff said!
Great day!!


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