Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bare feet in Bare Feelings.

How you doin´??. I woke up today really late after all the messy and busy first part of the week that I had.Thanks June for the comment I guess I will put an ad soon!! :).
Later night I hope to write more on the matter thanks June!.
Well I have already the money for my original mask so on Tuesday I will have it...Yay!!.Now I need to work on an exam that I need to prepare today and apply it tomorrow with one of the groups I have, I need also to sign the contract for the new class I got.Next week seems to be really good in terms of time to advance more work from the Workshop and the Monography as knowing I won´t have classes in the afternoon due to the vacation break, one week to advance on those things.
I am going today to the stationary store get some photocopies and scan the cover of Fair Blues, and the Mural I am working on and next week I will add the teaser poster of Rocket Girl 3!.
I haven´t sent any mails to friends and writers because of my scheduling as you know I am again working in 3 places again so you can guess that I am a bit beated up!
See you later with new work!!


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