Friday, July 28, 2006

Giving a shot.

Yeaph! I have insomnia again and I was thinking about the future, before something happens let me recommend a great movie I watched today ELECTION a movie done in 1999 about the life of a lousy teacher and the brightest nerdy bith Tracy Flick...damn a beautiful, beautiful script it really hook me up.
Well continuing with the matter, I am in two months about to finish everything related to my studies what it means comic work is finally approaching in fact I am returning to many of my work I left like...Luchador!, Rocket Girl, In Nomine, a short story to write and draw, some work I owe to my friend Victor Alos, some Cover Work that a nice friend editor promise me as soon as I am done, and contacting some people advised by a very nice person, and also more political work as part of an agency in fact two agencies, also some proposals with many people and friends, some comission work and finally my own projects of horror like Third Death, Ambar, Witch, Flame, etc... but at the same time I was a bit afraid because in a way there are No more excuses... and I am not talking about the work that has been postponed by these life is more like Hey! I am finally working full time as a comic book creator, writer and artist and it is a bit scary but in the overall I have this feeling of accomplishment and pride.

Well I want to expand my work and this is another way I will do it!

Well this is an open proposal to my regular viewers, friends, lurkers and who might be interested, I have been thinking in opening a T-shirt Business, I want to start small but with hopes to expand the business really big, I have some great T-shirt designs and thousand of ideas and have a kind of collection so that means I would love to have a person abroad (means SPAIN, UK, USA , EVERYWHERE!) as a partner and start the business from scratch, it would be awesome to get someone with some expertise on their own market but works fine a person with the proper means to start that with me.I mean I will start next year in my country and I will sell them via my official web,it might take a bit of time to have the official site but a great person is now helping me with that, so it would be great to dominate the world ..hahaha!!

So if you are interested...just mail me off.
Or if you know a fashion mogul interested let me know!!

ps...No, Caramel Eyes never answered back!

Great day to you guys!!



The Old Lady said...

I hope you find someone to be your partner.I'd certainly buy one of your tshirts and plug your site on my blog if you set up.Hope it works out for you.

antonio said...

Thank you June!! congratulations to your son!
Have a great day!!