Sunday, July 09, 2006

Above The Skycrappers.

I just took the day to watch some movies with a friend of mine who rented these 2 movies for my delight!
The Eye 2 that it was a really decent movie in fact it has nothing of scary and in a way I can say it is a really sweet movie, If you have some time watch it... just to give an spoiler but at the same time not...It is about starting lifes from scratch! Beautifully told and directed sad that If you want to be scared this is not the movie to watch.
The second movie that I saw today was Hostel and I have great things to say about the movie...probably my compliment to the movie will sound horrible but it is the way I see it.
warning If you do not like Gore movies just step back and do not even try to watch it.
My compliment for the movie is.....It is a dumb horrible plot incredibly well told and driven!!!!.
And as usual the camera shots, the music and the way the characters are developed are the highlights from this movie.
I recommend this movie a lot!
Remember that this movie is not directed by Quentin...well in fact there is a scene but they never mentioned which one!

Have a great day!!



The Old Lady said...

I saw the hostel the day it was realeased.I was just a little dissapointed it took so long to get to the torture scenes.Which i must say were really good once they got there.

antonio said...

hahah I agree totally!! sad the plot of the movie is so bad...! :)