Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Dark Society Of The Fifth Manifesto.

Okey Bonita Annita this is the cover of FAIR BLUES in fact this is alternate Cover #2 because I want to draw a cover with full city and robots and showing the lead character of the script you drew for me and for the contest.So this the first of two :). I was thinking that If the market to attack is the French one it would be nice to have a chick with guns and in a way with a pose that can be attractive for the reader and viewer, Yes you have seen that I drew the spy girl because that would be really awesome to explore a bit more the character making her a kind of Seductive Matahari Spy.
Also I didn´t tight the pencil work because I was thinking in the colorist..I hope Dadicus gets interested in coloring the piece!
And I was imagining the Cover similar to the great covers of Cowboy Bebop and at the background just the sky full of clouds and explotions around.
So Again Bonita Annita this is one piece of two I will post as covers of Fair Blues.
Hopefully over the weekend to send you a mail and talk to you!
I hope also this weekend to start the teaser poster for Rocket Girl.
Dadicus let me know what you need and also asking you if you are interested in coloring the teaser for Rocket Girl!
Great day all of you and tomorrow I will load the sketch work for the Mural I will do for my Monography!

Have a great day!!


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DADICUS said...

I would love to take a crack at it! I would need you to ink it and scan it at 400 dpi. as a bitmap line art and then email it to me! with a brief description of the colors of her outfit.