Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Toast For Greed.

Coming back from my morning class, I am really liking them, I hope they also like me in the short run. I advanced a little in the Monography I indeed finish the sketch or first rough idea of the mural I want and I used Art Nouveau specially Michael Kaluta and Alphonse Mucha on the work, I hope in a matter of two days when I tight the pencil work to show the scan here.
I am still debating about the materials to work with the furniture I need to design for the Monography, I decided to use iron, wood probably Oak and Recinto that is a porous black stone ideal for the details I want to add, so probably during the weekend I will start skecthing the furniture and draw the branding logo of the law office in fact I already have it, but I will polish it. I have part of the written memory over tomorrow morning so I can have my first check up this Saturday.
Do I have to tell you the girl in the photo is Sarah Bernhardt, the muse of the mythical Alphonse Mucha?

Great Day and I am a little blue but I can not explain why..maybe I am PMSing :) (just kidding)!

Where is my own Sarah Bernhardt?? :)


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