Saturday, July 15, 2006

Duolou Tianshi

Yesterday, I had insomnia again but while trying to sleep I discovered an incredible art director Kar Wai Won and his incredible movie "Duoluo tianshi" aka "fallen angels" an amazing storytelling He has aside the incredible shots of camera so uncountable that I was really happy, in fact my favorite escene is when are in a bike crossing a tunnel or the recording of the father. Even the gags are really sweet and effective... If you can get this movie just go and enjoy it. It was done in 1995 and discover who blondie is... I am taking the day off and try to see If I can start some sketches for the Monography but before leaving enjoy one of my favorite quotes ever listened or read...
"No, I'm not trying to save on psychiatrist's bills. It's more me asking, 'does anyone else feel this way?' And if it does reach the point where it gets uncomfortably personal, I tend to disguise what I'm saying in the phrasing." --Beth Gibbons (lead singer of Portishead)on the personal nature of her lyrics.
Have a great day!!

ps:Well, Did you hear that Weezer the group is finally never going back together?, I have mixed feelings some records from Weezer are fantastic but this last one it was not my cup of tea.

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