Sunday, July 02, 2006

52 times 52!

The new issue 52 is OUT in some hours OUR FIRST YEAR AND CELEBRATION !!!!!!You can see the greatest minds and friends artists working on the place and more than 25000 people checking the page everyweek!!
As always new artists and old ones are joining the Fun!!
Visit it and Check BODOQUE that is written and drawn by truly yours!!
You need to scroll down a bit to get my strip.
This time is not Bodoque ... Why? Simple..I didn´t want to draw a political strip knowing that the most important it to invite to Vote so I just worked in a celebration card and an invititation for July 2nd in my country.
If you can promote our link I would really appreciate it!!!
(link in full spanish)

Version in Spanish:El nuevo número de la Kodorniz esta ya en linea!! 52 y PRIMER ANIVERSARIO y casi 25000 personas visitan la pagina cada semana!!!Visiten el sitio y mi tira politica BODOQUE
Si quieres linkear nuestro link the La Kodorniz en tu sitio nosotros encantados y te lo agradecemos.. !!!Esta vez no esta Bodoque pero mande a alguien a invitar a votar..:)
Un abrazo!!



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