Thursday, February 10, 2005

Sweet name Liberty has

I was about to write about his yesterday, and I wrote it in a place where I am among buddies well,but happens that I just couldn`t find a better way to write the same again.
So this is what I posted.

"Hey guys sorry for venting today some stuff that happened to me,Well today I resigned to one of my jobs (the fourth and recent I have other three jobs) well in few words I couldn`t fit over there it was not the Academia, (they were always nice to me) (it was more about the attitude of the students I had, top notch boys and girls from Daddy and Mommy, I mean I have been giving classes of English for about 11 years or sort and this is the first time I see that these adolescents were not there to study or learn they were there only to pass the exam or have a paper).
Well Yesterday I got so desperate that I started to vomit for about an hour (they called the liquid bilis I do not know the way to say that in English).
So well I finally resigned today (yesterday now), I mean I prefer my Mental and Physical Health preserved (that is why I was so absent in posting here).
I know I won`t receive the money I was considering but what the heck I am again free to draw,ink,draw,ink,paint, draw.!!!!!!!!
So well I am starting myself to get busy with the project I have in hands with my friend Nik is about Luchas (Wrestling) you may like the concept I will let you guys know more as soon as I can).

I am poorer but so free!!!!!!!!
end of transmission!!Free, free, free.... did I say free?....JESUS ANTONIO"


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

jesus... do you mind if i show a link to your blogs in some of the message boards that i join? so people can see more of your work? and have you tried doing commisions? just for some extra money... its a way to epose your art as well :) good day :) --kino--

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

jesus... my first try at inking your pencils is done.. its in my blog.. do tell me what you think.. some suggestions? :) ill keep in mind the feedback.. im going to try this again :) and ill show you my second attempt :) -kino-

antonio said...

Hey Kino have a good time in Miami!!
About comission work I do it!!
Of course you can link the blog. I appreciate your time in linking and helping!.
Did you already see the post on my blog with the comments?
Have a great time Kino!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

so you do comissions... that's nice.. maybe after i graduate i can ask you to draw something for me for a comission.. i cant do it right now though.. have to get some money first :) take care --kino--