Thursday, February 24, 2005

In Rome do as romans do.

I continue a little sick (I have a kind of mild headache and flu) so I will wake up a little late today!!
I was helping some friends to study for an English exam today.
I am considering to start dating other girls, I mean Lupita seems not to care or not to have the right time to consider my company.
I was talking to Aidee (one of my best friends) and adviced me to do it, the funny part is that there is a girl that is really cute and I will ask her out. I have to honest in a way I feel as If I were cheating on Lupita (I am sometimes amazed as how our mind works,because We are not boyfriend or girlfriend), but as Aidee says "Yes, You really care about her but how would you feel If she is not being recitprocal to you..."
I hope to experiment with ink wash this weekend.
I just need to recover!!!..

hahahahahaha on the lamest note...Vicente Fox our President said yesterday that this year Mexico was better in our Economy than the Economy of USA...hahahhahaha (can you believe how a naive man can have his mouth connected to the a$$!). If our Economy had been that good I wouldn`t have been working in 3 different places at the same time.
Almost 33 percent of the population is without jobs or working having more than two shifts to survive.hahahahahahahahahaha sad indeed...:(

Have a great time guys!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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