Monday, February 14, 2005

Where the Ignorance is a bliss---

Valentine`s Posted by Hello

Yesterday I watched the Navigator from Buster Keaton, this is one of the rare movies that He didn`t direct for entire.
The movie is from 1924 If I recall correctly, and it was a great Way to celebrate this 14th.!!
Be with the people you know I tell them you love them, do it ! is much better to regret for things you said that for the ones you never said.
Now I am hesitant in writing a letter to that tiny Valentine`s I have, so well I do not know, in fact I gave her last Saturday a my Valentine a set of silver chain and some silver earings.
Comic work well I am full time working in Luchador!! and expecting some mails with good news!!
Have a great Valentine`s in my case I do not know how this day woudl end up.!!:)...JESUS ANTONIO

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