Tuesday, February 15, 2005


News and updates:
As usual working in the comic Luchador! with Nik hopefully finishing some colors this week or weekend. (In fact I have a many pages already done in pencils and some panels in color).
I received a proposal today from a person(not sure If in my country or in Spain), I will firstable check up the info.
I am waiting for some mails I sent to some editors (wish me luck!!).
I will take today to answer some mails I have been delaying.
My tiny cartoony heart continues the same. (Sad Lupita is not facing reality..sad).
Today a saw the names celebrated in the Calendar and today is Jovita`s day, that used to be the name of my grandma.(she died some years ago, but I am sure She is just taking care of me where She is)....Have a great time!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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