Monday, February 14, 2005

Love for Dummies (or how to destroy your heart in 10 minutes)

Love for Dummies: Never give your heart out.

Recapitulation for the new reader.
There is our main character Jesùs after dating the little Lupita for some months knowing She can not make her mind about accepting him or return to her old love (In this case the villian and rival of our hero.

Page one of one:10 panels

First panel shows our main character in the middle of a reunion from the school where He works (remember He works as an English teacher to cover his real identity:Comic creator).He in fact is celebrating with his students and some others Valentine`s Day.We see people celebrating and commenting about the day and their experiences.
Jesùs looks at Lupita at the right side of a very bad lighted room and many people is around.

Jesùs: Hey Lupita I need to talk to you before you leave!
Lupita:Yes, I need to talk to you too!!
Jesùs:What about?
Lupita:I can`t come with you after the school, somebody is coming for me?
Jesùs: the person I think?

Second panel. Lupita and Jesùs continue talking standing behind the door.Lupita is directing her eyes to the floor and keeps an akward silence.

Jesùs: and I suppose He is outside waiting for you!
Lupita: mmm Yes.
Jesùs:Well anyway just wait for a couple of minutes to give you something I brought for you.
Lupita: yes, I also brought something for you.

Third panels shows everybody starting to leave the place and We now see four people.Two students just fixing the place and gathering everything as possible to keep the place clean, while Jesùs and Lupita now are directing themselves to one of the rooms next door.

Fourth Panel: Shows Jesùs and Lupita opening their own respective boxes, Jesùs has a little green box with some candies on it and a little letter that He previously wrote some minutes before. (As We saw in last issue 35 panel 4).

Jesùs: I brought you this, please do not open it till you get home!! There are some candies and an envelope with a letter inside.
Now We see Lupita with that kind of guilt sight people have when they are doing the wrong thing.
Lupita:Tha...Thanks!. I brought you this!

Fifth panel: We now have a close up showing Lupita with a pair of chocolate bars on her hand and giving those to Jesùs.
Lupita: You can keep both of them!
Jesùs keeps silence because He is afraid of hurting her feelings telling her that He is not that fond for chocolate. (Seen in the previous chapter that chocolate makes an odd reaction to the superpowers our hero has).

Sixth panel: Now We have an open angle showing the whole empty room with both figures holding themselves on a long hug, no kiss in the mouth, just a little warm kiss Lupita gives to Jesùs in the cheek.Jesùs whispering in her ear
Jesùs:Please take care, just take care!!
Lupita: Yes, I will.
Jesùs: Let me know what happens tomorrow at night?..please do so!!
Jesùs kisses her forehead, and gently careses her eyebrown,and turns off the lights to leave the room.

Seventh panel We see that Lupita now is leaving the building aside Jesùs while They are approaching the fence of the school.He signs the shift paper to leave the building.

Lupita:I just need to leave!!

Eight panel we see in the open shot in the distance Jesùs turning his head and looking at Lupita receiving a bouquet of flowers and Can also see his rival.
Off panel: we hear the rival saying something to Lupita`s ear while holding hands and giving away that little bouquet. (why are you.....)
Jesùs: (though). If you could understand Lupita.. *sight*

Nineth panel: We have wide shot showing Jesùs walking in the opposite direction where Lupita and the other guy are going. Lupita looks happy. Jesùs grabs a cab an leaves the scene, heart broken.

Tenth panel we see how the cab dissapears in the distance directing Jesùs to his place trying not to think too much on the matter.

Have a good day!!...(loves sometimes sucks big time)...JESUS ANTONIO

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