Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dulces and Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams! Posted by Hello

The sad part is that I can not really mention anything about this project yet!
I only can say is a proposal to Spain.
I haven`t sleep well today in fact I haven`t done it yet, I continue working in some Luchador pages and this project at the same time!
I just couldn`t resist to share it...I hope you guys like it!!
I need now some sleep...JESUS ANTONIO


RichardFriend said...

Hey I wanted to stop by and say hello....so "hi~"

I saw the art and I think you've got a really good thing going. You are working in a lot of styles and trying lots of different material.....I think that's great and you'll discover a lot about yourself fdoing that....I think overall I'd say just keep going forward with your work......I always suggest a combination of working on anatomy, design and composition, and then of course lots of sketching to stay loose...

keep going and I'll come back occasionally to check up on you!


thanks again


antonio said...

Rich!!! This was very kind of you, In fact you made my day!!
I really appreciate your words about my work.
As you see I love to use many different styles or variations but trying to keep focus in my own way of drawing and designing!.
Please keep coming back here!!
btw again as I told you I am really sure that your skills are about to shine big time!! I wish you the best on the projects you are about to do!!! Just keep us informed...;)
and you know I am at your disposal so anything you need just let me know...JESUS ANTONIO
ps:thanks again Dear Rich!!!