Friday, February 11, 2005

Inking. (Kino inking my work)

Kino`s ink work Posted by Hello

Hey Kino sorry for taking the liberty to post your inks over the pencil I did some time ago and you kindly offered to ink.And I can not thank you enough and enough..You really rock and you are such a nice soul!.
Firstable I will comment MY errors so I can give a good perspective on everything.
I guess I should have given more information about the way to cross hatch, giving more info about lighthing source and the textures part, I didn`t give all the neccessary information because I thought I will ink it myself sometime the road or ask a friend to do so.
Sometimes is hard for an artist inker to undertand or try to decode the way the pencils are and when that happens is always the penciler`s fault.
I have incredible artist inker friends to clearly understand the great mastery and also the great imput they make in my work or somebody`s else work.
An artist inker will be my 5o% ticket to hit in the medium (I accepted it without shame...sad many people diminish the work of an artist inker..AND PLEASE AN INKER IS NEVER A TRACER!! NEVER A TRACER...... SO STOP TELLING AS A JOKE THAT LINE)
I always love and respect when an artist person takes his or her time to ink something done by me because that means He or She is willing to lose some time an invest it on my work so is always a bless, so thank you again Kino.

Kino your work is good, obviously looks a little flat but as I told you was my fault for not giving the info you were in need, the same happens with the wrinkles work and the source of light.(when there is a pro-inker sometimes this information is not neccessary but in your case that you are learning how to the same as I am, so it would be better for me to have a more clear approach)
I wish you had worked in the tick and thin of your line work so you could give us the impression of depth, you forgot my signature (yes that s in a circle) hahah but is not a problem. You forgot to sign you work, be always proud of what you do so in that way you also create a commitment to the work you do and also helps you to see the tiny and great developments you work can have.
When people tell you that you have to work inking as much as possible, my piece of advice,take time in everypiece do not jump from one to another so You can clearly give more time on the piece.
Finish your traces.
I know that what I will say is a sacrilege but anyway I wish you had set some of your own personality of the piece, and not only to follow the piece as it is!
I know editors say that the artist inker has to ink what it sees and improve it...but for me I just love when a person gives its personality in the an example is the work that Mr. kevin Kwolan does, you can recognize his inking eveywhere.
Kino you did a good job!!

Have a great time and thanks for the nice surprise!!!...JESUS ANTONIO
ps:always at your disposal and you know that...:)


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

jesus thank you for the input :) dont worry about posting my inks in your blog.. i consider it as an honor :) ....

i hope you dont mind me trying to ink this pencil again.. i will bear in mind all your suggestions when i ink this again :) was that you signature inside the circle above the left shoulder of joker...

im sorry to erase it.. i am going to include it next time :) maybe you can tell me the light source and some info like that so i can include it when i ink it again

good daY and thanks
---kino-- :)

antonio said...

Kino good to hear from you!!
Of course you can do whatever you want with the pencils....btw about the light source and the other info why don`t you put what you consider is good so in that way will also make you tink more in the piece (happens that I put a layer of fixative on the piece so it is lamost impossible for me to change the pencil work now?..
Have a great time Kino...!!
About the comission anytime I am available for you...hahaha take care and peace out!!..JESUS ANTONIO