Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Love for Dummies second part (or how to destroy your heart in 10 minutes per day)

Love for Dummies: hahahahah...Now what?!

Recapitulation for the new reader.There is our main character Jesùs after dating the little Lupita for some months knowing She can not make her mind about accepting him or return to her old love (In this case the villian and rival of our hero.)
Now there is a new twist on the plot happens that Is not one the rival there are several now!

Page one of one: NINE panels

The first panel shows Jesùs having a talk with Lupita,Jesus holding a tape recorder, Lupita As we saw in last issue is the girl our hero likes, Both of them sitting down over a step in the corner of a place near Lupita`s house.

Jesùs:Can I tell you something?, after yesterday I just confirmed that I am not a jealous guy, I just want you the make a desicion as soon as possible, I understand I am going to be hurt..of course I will!!!... but I really want you to be convinced of what you are doing, I am all mixed up and I really know what I feel for you, I love you, but that is just me!!
Lupita is wearing those earings and that necklace our hero gave it to her last Saturday and keeping her eyes looking at the floor silently moving her left hear to continue listening to what Jesùs says.
Jesùs:I was thinking and the best option is to stop seeing us as We normally do so you can make up your mind and I do not interfere with it and your plans, as I told you I want you to start moving your own goals, let me help you doing so, If it is not possible at least let me be with you.
Lupita: I understand what you feel, I can clearly understand how you feel, I know you are very clear in what you want and also in your feelings but I am not, I have so many things to think about.

Cap: In that moment of the coversation I was feeling kind of guilty because when you start talking about this in a way is to pressure a situation, so I tried to change the topic.

The second panel is the same sequence having Jesùs playing with the buttons of a Taperecorder while Lupita is holding her books with both hands and leaning her head on them.

Lupita:I do not know what to do?
Jesùs: I am so sorry, why not do We continue seeing eachother in the way we see now and I will stop talking about my feelings and I try to help you with what you want to do with your own plans.
Lupita:I wish you could do it, and please just for a while stop asking me out, I really need that time for things to do at home, yesterday I arrived so late and well my parents scold at me.
Jesùs:What does your family tell you about me and the other guy?
Lupita:Well now They do not know exactly was is going on, the same as I.
I am confused I only want to first solve my problems with my plans and later on solve the emotional aspect.

Cap:I really thought I would start feeling bad when I heard that but I started to realize that in fact she is very confused and doesn`t even know what to do with her life, At this point I feel like I want to help but at the same time I have to be really smart not to hurt myself helping.

The thirth panel shows Lupita looking at her cell phone to check the time, while Jesùs feels a bit hesitant to continue with the emotional talk, so He decided to stop the talk.

Lupita: It`s too late again my parents will be mad at me!!!

The fourth panel shows Lupita walking in the right side and Jesùs listening to all her thoughts and plans (We saw in the last chapter Lupita wants to continue studying a career but she feels sad for thinking She lost some precious time studying something else).

The fifth panel shows Jesùs and Lupita getting nearby a taqueria (a place were tacos are sold:editor's note), and bumping into 3 people, old friends of Lupita.
Lupita suddenly starts acting a bit anxious and telling Jesùs to stop to say hello to those boys.

Lupita:Let me say hello to someone!

She approaches one of the boys and shakes hands:

Lupita:How are you?
guy: Fine, what about you?, I dropped by to eat some tacos with the fellas!

Then a odd silence is around, the other two boys feel weird for not having more conversation, the guy that seems to be shy doesn`t even know what to say.

Lupita: Well, see you later!!Take care!
Guy: Same to you Lupita!!

Sixth panel shows Lupita so excited, grabbing Jesùs` hand to her heart.

Lupita: Can you listen to my heart beat?, it is beating so hard.
Jesùs:Why..why are you like that?
Lupita:do you really want to know?
Jesùs:I guess so...
Lupita: He Is an old ex-love.

The Seventh panels shows Jesùsthat now is more confused after the talk He had with her, and after listening to that doesn`t even know how to react and touches his forehead and start scratching it.

Jesùs: mmmm Lupita just do not play with my feelings, don`t do that.
Lupita:That is what I am trying not to do.

Jesùs grabs her hands just to say goodbye.
Jesùs:I am leaving have a good day !!

The eight panel Lupita is heading to her house and shouts at Jesùs.

Lupita:Just promise me you won`t walk, take a bus or a car.I know you like to think and walk at the same time, your house is far away just take a car.
Jesùs:I am not going to walk home by my own.
Lupita: is it a promise?
Jesùs:Yes, it is.

The 9th panel Jesùs finally walks in the left side of the sidewalk to take the bus.
Cap:I guess is better for me not to give her more problems and forcing a situation, I feel more confident on what to do.I guess now I understand why Lupita reacts like that.I guess I will support her more as a friend.

End of this romantic story at least for a long long time. END

Editors note.I finally understood the point She really is a great girl but She doesn`t even know what to do, call it inexperience or whatever, Now I need to chill out and not to see her just as a person to love, I just wish I can at least help her out in a sort of way.

I do not know if to call it a happy ending....


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