Friday, February 25, 2005

The Man without......

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Again as usual if a person can help me get this original comic (English version) and also the same with Avengers 28, let me know I can gladly do a comission to compensate the effort.

Well this is the second comic that make me want to become a comic creator, I still remember how Murdock was feeling about his girl Karen and try to think is something else by figthing Cap.
A great Comic done by Gene Colan. (maybe I am a bit dramatic because of all the comics I read hahah..I mean let me say that in that time I was also reading when Peter Parker was suffering for Gwen Stacy. Do you remember the last panel where is Peter looking at Gwen leaving in an airplane to Europe?...oh my god!! good times indeed!)
BTW I have seen some recent comission work done by Gene and it is just Awesome!!
I wish I had some money to asking for a comission myself..
I am much better (at least no more headache)
thanks for the words..see you later!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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