Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Gothic Wall

I am a little angry to myself in a way so well I decided to take tomorrow only to sleep, I was writing also part of the second poem for the Story The Flame
The only nice thing that happened to me is that I received a copy Of El Batracio Amarillo a great spanish magazine full of incredible cartoonists.

I am expecting the third one to be darker that the previous ones.

My face is feeling the wall
The wall is crying
I am dying
both hands of mine on the old black stones

Please " Do not make me fall"
Please " Do not make me fall"
Dark is embracing me
I can hear Regret and Despair.
Tiny hands touching my heart.
Sorrounded by these walls
One hand is holding the sword
the other one is holding my soul.

My face is hitting the wall
The wall is laughing
I am dying "I can hear only its voice"

Today I saw my bones
and a cold graveyard
piles of bones belonging to him
The Architect recognizing his work
and laughing at me
Ancient Mechanism dozens like me.

I need to polish it , (Now I have a headache so see you later)..Have a great pleasant day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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