Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Corner..... Jis and Trino

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Back in the days when I was studying Architecture I always had a blast for the work of this guys from Guanatos (a way to say Guadalajara), these guys started long time ago in a newspaper called El Mural (one of the best newspapers from there from what I know), then started to work in different newspapers like El Financiero, and after some time in Milenio, I remember how great the characters done by them were.
El Santos y la Tetona Mendoza, Historias del Rey Chiquito, Historias de Policias y Ladrones, La Chora, and I once had the time to attend to a convention (as a fan) and they were giving their insights about mexican politics and also some classes of great albur. I am showing you one of my favorite examples of their art, they are so nuts that they tried a funny experiment to write eachother letters and then publish them in El Chamuco (a magazine that now is not longer published), and in the letter they actually talk about their news and life.
This is the first letter done by Jis.


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