Friday, February 18, 2005

The Gothic Flame

Since some time ago I have been working an idea for an story in fact the story is already written and I am just polishing it.
I have always tried to write a Gothic horror story called The Flame.
I will give more time so this story grows and gets stronger in my head. I based the story in one of the greatest films directed by Fritz Lang, I can not recall right now but the movie is "The Circles of Fate". I am not very sure but next post I will give an insight on that movie.
Well I wrote a Gothic poem (in fact there will be 3 poems in this story).
This is the first as a prologue for the story.

The Dark Rose has gloomed in my bare hands,
falling red beads of pain and blood.
All over my face,
Over me, inside me.

Sad circle dividing my Path and my Joyment.
Strange cruel lined forms driving all over my lives.
Weird diversion I have found.
Fortune wheel of emotions signing me purple and red doors, around me, before me,
Silver seal to be opened.
Tiny box and silver dagger.
Tiny box my fears...silver dagger The only Path.

See my hands! See my hands!
No traces, No lines!.

Do hear my voice!, strong shout at the void of my soul
Shattered broken heart.

The Dark Rose has died in my bare hands.

Hopefully I will have some images from Luchador next week!!

Have a great time!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

this is a dark poem :).... hello ... is the flame going to be just a story or is it gonna be a graphic novel? this soungs very interesting :) -- kino- -

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

oops.. i mean sounds :) --kino--

antonio said...

When I met Pedro L. Lopez (my spanish friend and writer) We had an experiment He would write a story and I would write a story so then We would interchange and draw the stories We had, Well happens that We started the great project IN NOMINE written by him and drawn by me, and then later on in the future He would draw mine, but time has passed and I want to re-strucure that idea again adn I would like to have it as a short story Vertigo style or a graphic novel, the story is pretty good.
That is one of my illusions in life to print this Vertigoesque story soon drawn by me or someone else...There are 3 chpaters in the short story and each one a poem like the one I wrote today!....thanks for the words Kino...JESUS ANTONIO