Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Scratching my balls.

Today was a lazy day (The celebration of the Lupitas was today!!!...a warm hello If a Lupita is reading this) and after all the medication I finally got my jaw in the proper place, still hurts but I am much better.
My day started really early I went out to buy my tickets for next fight and I got sits for the second row, and I even got as a gift one poster of the next figther called Grond XXX who used to be the original Gronda, but after an accident on his knees and after so many nails and a second accident, He is starting to fight again.
Later on I just catch up with some mails and sent my New Year Cards to part of my friends, Family and contacts and well I even got some nice suprises, comments and future plans from friends and new people I am knowing via the new space site that is getting quite popular in a matter of days.
And to end the day a student gave me a gift....a perfume called Salvador Dali...incredible odor!!!
So it was a nice day...a nice lazy day!!

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The Old Lady said...

You'll be smelling good now then :)