Monday, December 11, 2006

Martin Nodell passed away.

This is from Newsarama, I was told over the day bymany friends so I decided to post the news here..sad indeed.
Mark Evanier is reporting on his blog that comics legend Martin Nodell, creator of Green Lantern, passed away today at the age of 91. Evanier reports:
Marty was born 11/15/15 in Philadelphia. He attended the Art Institute of Chicago and later, Pratt Institute in New York. It was in New York that he began working as a freelance artist, in or around 1938. He soon started freelancing for several comic book companies that either didn’t pay or didn’t pay well. As he later told the story, he got tired of being stiffed by the smaller firms and decided to make an all-out effort to break into the majors. He called at the offices of the biggest publisher, DC Comics, and was told they were full up but that there might be work at an affiliated company, All American. The editor there was Sheldon Mayer.
Mayer gave him a little work. When Nodell asked what it would take to get steady assignments, Mayer, who was looking for a new feature for the company’s signature title, All-American Comics, told him to come up with a character. Nodell returned a few days later with sketches and the germ cell of a strip called Green Lantern. He said the idea had come to him on the subway when he saw a man waving — you guessed it — a green lantern. Nodell also said he wrote and drew the first few pages of the first story…but he wasn’t a writer so Mayer brought in one of comics’ top writers, Bill Finger, to rewrite and finish the first tale. The result was that Green Lantern, by Bill Finger and “Mart Dellon,” debuted in All-American Comics #16, cover dated July of 1940. The character, which drew inspiration from the legend of Aladdin, was an immediate hit on the magnitude of the firm’s other new superstars, The Flash and Wonder Woman, and soon received his own comic.
Nodell later drew Captain America, the Human Torch and Sub-Mariner for Timely, then went into advertising. His wife Carrie passed away in 2004.

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