Sunday, December 24, 2006

Niña Mala.

Jeremy Vincent Adolphson has been a great friend over the years and He asked me literally a year ago and months to do something for his amazing collection, well this is my first take of two I will send him, I still need to ask the great Jeremy for a favor that I hope He can help me get.
Enjoy the pic...Yes, is the profile of Ambar my horror story.

As you have seen I am trying to catch up with delayed work, the next people on my list are
Victor Alos (We have a great vampire story) .
David Braña (We have a great gore manga story).
I hope to have everything done before the end of the year and I am starting the paneling of the work I am doing with Nik and I still need to see what is the scope in one Horror Anthology I was about to participate because of a situation far away our possibilities.

The work has been delayed from all the parts (specially me because I haven´t had the time to get done with a script, a short story and to see the situation of the inking of a great story by Ron Fortier).
And also I am still waiting for the approval of something really great from a friend of mine and great person...well time will tell!!


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