Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dusting Words of Love and Anger.

Today was a real hell and a roller coaster for many reasons the main is that my scanner just broke (I had it for less of a year and I tried since yesterday when I knew my scanner didn´t work to contact this guy who sold it to me, well I just couldn´t get him, He just disappeared, I will think positively and I hope He can take the broken scanner and replace it...anyway!) .
I just couldn´t wait mainly because I do not want to make excuses to all my writers and editors expecting new work, I had to pay about 150 bucks for a new scanner that means I will be extremely and really short on money for about a month and a half, well what the heck...thinking in a nice way I found a new supplier for hardware and in fact I got in love of a tablet for drawing with all and the software to install and it is quite cheap 100 bucks (I mean I do not have the money to buy it now but in a couple of months) :).
Well I am uploading something I found (also as to experiment with the new scanner) and it was part of a contest long time ago around 2002, It didn´t win anything maybe because of the ending, but I wanted to share something so You could see the evolution in terms of my writing and my art, I am glad that I see differences with the new work I am doing so I am eager to see how my work will be in future years.
I only modified a panel on page 5 that I was never happy with it, so I decided to include and extra panel on pencils...
I will charge my regular rate + 35 for shipping it with Fedex. (ask me about the rate).
In case You or you know someone interested let him know, this money will help me to recover what I paid for my scanner and If I get two I will be able to pay for my tablet.
Thank you so much in advance.
Have a great day and thanks for reading the space!!

ps: After I wrote this my house and the street where I live suffered a shutdown in the energy...hahahahaha...damn!!.Thanks God the day is over at least for me because I am going to my bed!! :)

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