Monday, December 11, 2006

Love for Dummies:Dandome mi taco?.

Do you remember I went to watch a French movie because a friend of mine invited me?...Well the day I went to the Annual X-Mas Gathering from the school were I am teaching I had a great time talking to the girl in the photos (the one of the pink blouse) and while She was telling me about her lovelife, She commented me that a girl really likes me....and for a strange coincidence it was someone familiar to me..mmmmm...!!!.You guessed it!
The same girl who invited me to the french movie and friend of pinky blouse girl had a crush on me. I told my friend over the party that I was not even even even remotely interested on her, probably as a friend but nothing else!.
She asked me "Is it because She´s not quite attractive?". I replied that that was not the issue in fact my reason is quite flat and simple...I see her only as a friend and nothing more and to be honest not even interested in giving her any clue that I am interested on something romantic.
I guess you might understand me, as I was telling my pinky blouse friend that day, I still do not know why but you know what people is for you or what people can be in your life, there are people you can see as your friend, or as a stable relation or someone for a quick fuck or someone just to lose your time and have fun...and in my case I only see her as a Friend!!!.
Right here the only difference is that I am quite upfront on that kind of matters I mean, I hate when people make me think different things so I try not to do that myself (You know who comes to my mind :) ).
I guess this girl already saw that I do not see her as something else because to her bad luck, she saw me one day with Glossy lips...yeaph!!... the fourth story I need to write about..but in a matter of days!

Have a great time!


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The Old Lady said...

Doesnt it always happen.The person who likes you is not someone that you fancy yourself.