Thursday, December 07, 2006

The New Music in my Room.

I am still without too much to say...Everything is a bit much better...Mom feeling again sick today so instead of being blue I am just ready for anything in need.
I was saving some money to buy new music to listen and I think I made very good choices, the first I am really intrigued to listen is ENIGMA and the new album "A Posteriori" specially because I haven´t listened to them lately and this is my consolidation cd (I mean to keep checking to what they are doing or to stop buying their music), The second I will listen is ILL NIÑO, I bought this one to fill my aggressive side I have always loved Ill Niño music since the old time they were underdogs in fact when I was in High School I used to study with this kind of music, and my other jewls to listen are the new albums of KASABIAN and BLOC PARTY!.
I am finally shaving today so I am loading images tomorrow with the Before and After.
My computer is running normal and my scanner is working (not in the way I want...but it is working). By the way I saw a cover done by The Incredible John Dell featuring Captain America and I am still with my jaw open it is such a beauty, as soon as I have the permit to blog the piece I will do it!!

Take care and next post I will answer to Heather, Wondy, June, Antonio and the rest of the guys!!


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The Old Lady said...

Im sorry your mother is still feeling sick.
Take care