Friday, December 22, 2006


I was cleaning my room (yeaph!! I am done with it!!) and I found this Cover that will be the alternate Cover (I wish We can sell this to a European printing company because this will be the European Version).
I still need to eliminate the E on the Cover and draw an ! sign.
The Blue Cover that is next to the posting area is the American version, and in case We (Nik and I) nail a company on Japan I already have another for them.
In two more Saturdays I am talking to a person I met, I can call him friend to manufacture some masks with my design so We can wear them in the conventions that will be attended by us (I already have NO plans to go anywhere at least from the first part of the year..mainly because of the sickness of Mom but If the stars line up right I will travel as I planned it.)

Have a good night and following the last post till Xmas!!

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