Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dusting my room literally!

I had some issues uploading the images but I guess I am starting to get used to the new system that to be honest it is quite quite good.I have been cleaning my room these past two days in a massive way in fact I have thrown away 3 bags full of garbage and paper that for a reason just piled up on my room for ages, I am still cleaning my room and hopefully in two days to get done with it, I mean I want to start the year clean in many aspects. This is the logo (Yes, I also like to design logo work in case someone is interested :) ) for the coffee shop showcased in Rocket Girl and for a funny and odd situation this logo was originally to be the real logo for a Coffee shop in my hometown. "Taza" means "Mug" and well the person who comissioned me to design it, was a total prick and a jerk, well a total @$$hole, He never paid for the design and the cost was so cheap I am still amazed about some people around, because He thought that because for me is simple to design it doesn`t mean I have to give away my work..NO WAY!!.
As knowing this design never took off (at least I haven`t heard He is using it..because I can sue him ;) ), well in the overall I thought that it would be a great thing to include it in Silver City the place where Polly Harris aka Rocket Girl lives.
Btw My amigo Nik Havert and I will start talking about deadlines for next year so He can gear up the new work for 2007 so expect some news about Rocket Girl 3-4 and Luchador!.
I need to continue cleaning my room...!!
Have a great day!!

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The Old Lady said...

I've just come by to wish you a wonderful christmas holiday