Monday, December 11, 2006

Love for Dummies: Giving up my secret identity?

I saw this image of a guy who likes to draw Peanuts in different Marvel and DC characters and I remembered the original issue where Peter Parker is quitting to be Spider man after watching Gwen Stacy leaving to London (Ohhh my god, old good and incredible times from the past).
Well I am writing the first of four situations that have been annoying me, not really annoying me but making me think, maybe some of the reasons of my problem with my jaw :).
Well not really, I have been trying to close circles again specially in terms of my tiny hurt heart, so I decided to phone a girl (Do you remember that I mentioned maybe a year or less ago about a very religious girl who went out with me several times and thereafter just dissapeared from sight, and some months ago while talking to a nice friend I knew that She was dating me and him at the same time but the difference is that She kissed the other guy but me!? :). Well I decided to call her mainly to exactly know what happened between She and I, and She finally answered the phone (I tried to call her months ago but as usual her nasty family always said she was not available, so I finally gave up calling her time ago) , this time She told me She was so busy to go out with me but She for sure will have some time to see me in a couple of days , the first agreement was last Thursday from 8:30 to 10:00, hahahah!!!!!....One hour and a half!!!... She said 10:00 was her top limit to get home because of her Family and well I had to stand for 7 minutes how happy She was being the conselour of a religious group She is organizing, for me it is not a problem the religion in fact I was raised in a very religious Family but I learnt the difference of what I want or not from my beliefs, I do respect her or everybody´s choice but I have my own limits.
Well that day, I changed plans with some friends because that day They invited me to watch a soccer game and funny but I had to cancel also other appointments just to have clear time to see this girl.
So Last Thursday I was sharp at 8:30 where We said and I waited till 9:05.
I just sent her a message telling her I was there on time and telling her the time of my leaving...Did I receive an answer back?

Girls, girls, girls!!

Did I close the circle? OF COURSE!!!

Have a great time!



wondy woman said...

How rude! What a foolish girl, JA, but we are not all as bad-mannered as that, I promise!

The Old Lady said...

She was very rude to not even reply.Your probably lucky she didnt turn up if thats how she treats people.