Saturday, December 30, 2006

Solar Days!

Today is Saturday and I got some good news, a very good friend of mine and the one who is partnering with me in the approval of an incredible project send me an email (I hope to answer him today or tomorrow or this week :) ) just to say hello and well it is just a matter of weeks or months to talk about the project. Plus,I was talking to my accountant and from what I heard I will save some money after paying my taxes so I will have the money to pay for my tablet and some other expenses to cover but I still need Comission work or Cover Work so If you are interested let me know.

Some guys asked for the piece without colors so there You have it!!
I am starting next year again my eating regular regimen because I have gotten some extra pounds over and well I need to lose them :).
Today is LUCHAS DAY!!!!!.So expect some photos tomorrow or after Jan 2nd.
At this moment I am working on two teaser pieces of Rocket Girl!.

Have a great day!!


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