Sunday, December 10, 2006

What else?

Hey guys sorry for not posting work lately but today I decided to use a comission work I had the pleasure to do and at the same time to work the piece as my X-mas and New Year Card, and I guess I loved the result, I still need to work some more details in the piece and hopefully to send it this on Wednesday to its owner...thank you Heather for being my Muse this time.
Well I am sick again but this time is nothing that I can call as a regular sickness..well happens that I just woke up with a mild pain in my jaw and well what it is my surprise that I can not open my mouth and my jaw fully, so now I have to wait If it is just a problem with the joint of the jaw or just a mild problem with the tendons of the jaw...hahahah I have to say that all the afternoon I was so pissed off because I can not eat properly..I really hope that it is just a matter of days to recover my normal bite. (I do really hope so)..I already asked my guardians to heal me so I am sure they will do so.
Well tomorrow Dan has an important meeting for both of us (good luck Dan..I hope you enjoyed the soccer game and do not worry I am sure proper time is coming our way).
Nik I already saw the mail you sent me I haven´t answered it (well you know that!!) because of all the herratic weeks I had but I am checking the times and the months so hopefully next year I can shake hands with you (On your vacation or on my vacation) ;)..I am still waiting for the bulletin to start promoting the space of Polly.
About my Monography well I do not remember If I commented on that, well some weeks ago before my Mom got sick I had a talk with my Advisor and Teacher and told me that the deadline has to be January, so my inner plan is to use the vacational period of Dec and the first week of Jan to get everything done, thanks God next week is my last week of work before vacation. I will take a serious break of 3 days from the 16th to the 19th to only sleep, and I hope that by the 20th start the Monography work that it is already advanced in a 50%.
Mom is a little bit better and thank you for the guys wishing her good.

I need to leave see you!!
Damn my jaw!!!


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wondy woman said...

Wonderful piece, Jesus Antonio. Good muse you have there! How nice to be immortalised forever in a work of beautiful art!

I hope you feel much better soon and have lots of rest x x