Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Love for Dummies:Nice going?.

Hello guys...!
I am just moody today but that won´t interfere to write the third part.
This time it is a quite mellow situation...well since long time ago I used to be an aquaintance for a kind girl, let´s call her "candid" She is just amazing and has an incredible candid sight,She is well educated and humble and down earthed in the overall "kind",in fact She is the girl you wouldn´t doubt to show to your family right off the bat and for several reasons being mainly that She is studying Medicine and in about a year or a couple of years to finally get her Bachelors... We have been always having that kind of - "Hi, Hello, What´s up?, Have a great day!,I am quite in a hurry,Everything is just fine!, Take care, Bye"- friendship, I guess some months ago I mentioned that I bumped into her with my tango friend (My friend who gives classes of Tango and also the one who fell in love at first sight with "candid" too :) )while We were about having a coffee nearby, happens that my house is really near the Faculty of Medicine where She studies, so it is quite normal to bump into eachother every few months. She promised me sometime ago She will give me some time to drink a coffee or a soft drink (She the same as not drink).
Thing that have never happened due to her chores.
Well one day while checking my gmail account..I saw She was there and I started to have some talk (You, the people who know me knows that I am anti-chatting but that time I was in the mood to talk and also to take out of my chest what it was my perspective for her, remember I have been closing circles lately).
I just told her that I really like her and her way o being and that I would love that in case that someday and the stars line up properly..well to have the chance to know her in a more deep way. She said She didn´t know what to say, She told me that by now She has someone to love but not because of that is close to meet people, well in the overall She said that if one day She is free and the situation is the right one, She would like to know me more and see what happens based on that..sounds fair enough for me...don´t you?.
I know reality can change in an unexpected way but Why not to try to play the odds?..who knows maybe She is the one or maybe not.
I would be really honored and happy in case that one I become someone special or the beloved one on her life.
And in case you read this "candid" girlie girl, You know I am just sincere in what We talked that day!! :).

Have a great day!


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Well you never know do you