Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Evil pure Evil.

I was yesterday watching some horror movies as usual and Today I was working in my thesis I went to the College where I studied and I was using the computer of my advisor while We were talking about daily life and just gossiping.
Tomorrow same situation, it will be used to polish my Monography (Thesis) seems that I have advanced a lot and I only need the first checks ins to know exactly what to change or correct, I also need to talk over the weekend to my friends to see If they can help me pass and process the plans into Autocad, so I can continue working on my comic stuff and the Monography (from what I know I guess I had advanced 60% or more from my Thesis so hopefully this week I will know what to change so the first week of January to concentrate on polishing the paper).
Today is the Birthday of my Dad, there are no big plans so probably a normal supper time with all the tiny family reunited.
I also sent a mail to one of the places Fabrizio kindly suggested me (thanks Fabrizio!).
I am loading this time the Cover in Pencils of a plan ( David Braña in the writing and I in the art) We have for the future, it is a Manga violent idea called Evil War.
I am working on some stuff to show to Nik and to Victor so expect more work loaded in the following days!!
Have a great day!!!

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