Sunday, December 31, 2006


I will be a little absent for a couple of days mainly to recover from the hang over that for sure I will have tomorrow and for paying and checking stuff in my hometown over the following days.

I wanted to say something...

There are so many friends to thank my inker friends, writers and teams ups, artists, editors, My house the AACE(Ustedes saben como los respeto y admiro como amigos y como artistas), La Kodorniz, my friends bloggers, my friends all over Spain, Philippines, UK, Italy, Canada and USA,the guys from Chilangolandia, Guanatos and Monterrey that I appreciate a lot, las ratitas and close friends in my hometown.
I would like to make a list of all of you but to be honest I have many friends and I do not want to left someone out of it.

But in Special I wanted to drop these lines also because of the image and the plans coming...

To Nik Havert and Mandy for being My AMIGOS beyond everything and to let them know that the time We have been waiting will receive rewards.
And What a better way to say that by showing teaser One of Two for the next chapters of Rocket Girl that Nik and I will produce over the next year.

Have a great Day!!


ps:See you on the Third day!

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