Sunday, December 24, 2006

New Music in my walls.

Well yesterday I bought these 3 CDs to enjoy at home while I am ready to celebrate my Xmas, Morrissey is probably one of my favorite solo singers and The Best of Morrissey is a must to listen, The Futurheads NEWS AND TRIBUTES is a CD I highly recommend If you like David Byrne or Bowie or Franz Ferdinand this is a must!!!.
Powerman 5000 DESTROY WHAT YOU ENJOY is a great disc If you like Sex Pistols or nice experiments like The bravery this is a great CD sad that in some parts sounds like Rob Zombie (I love Rob Zombie a lot but I say this because I guess the vocal player is the brother of Rob Zombie so at times has some of those Zombie tunes).
I was not about to post today but I had a glad surprise it is my next post!!
Jimmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy TTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! The same to you!!!!

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