Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Esa Oscura Dulzura de Amar

This is one of the projects I have been delaying because of things that were beyond myself, I am trying to get done with it before the end of the year to keep myself busy for at least the first part of the year with Rocket, Luchador and the special project that is still in approval. I still do not know If I will ink it (probably yes). Victor Alos is the writter and I am having fun with the art and I hope something bigger comes from it over the time.
Victor.... this is the Cover of the Story probably won´t be in use but this gives me the chance to know how I will ink the work on the panels.

Victor aqui te muestro la portada que tal vez no utilizemos (bueno dependera del editor) pero me da la idea de como voy a entintar el trabajo de viñeteado.
Por fin me pongo en marcha :).

Have a great day!!


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victor said...

Si te digo que me encanta, ¿me creerás?

Un saludín