Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dust in my eyes

Dusting my room Posted by Picasa

I was cleaning my room and I found this beauty I did in 2002.
Great to see how my work has evolved from that time to the present!
I am still proud of this piece I did for fun using my favorite characters.

Well have a great time all of you and see you with new more work over the weekend.

Have a great time!!



The Old Lady said...

I can recognise some of the characters in that.Your drawing was great even a few years ago

antonio said...

Thanks Dear June!!
I will see If I have some time to draw again this Cover but with my new level or work...I only need to check my timings The school hasn`t said anything yet and it is "aarrrgghhh" to wait for them to know how to move...
Have a incredible day June...JESUS ANTONIO

wondy woman said...

Juney is right and it gets baetter every time we see something. You do have extraordinary talent Jesus. That is one of my favourite pieces of yours by the way.

Wondy x