Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Earthquake made a mess

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Yesterday after the coffee I was as you supposed a bit down I didn`t sleep at all I was just thinking and thinking over my feelings,my life and everything, and I was also nervous for the appointment that I had in my old school.
Nervous for many things I was not prepared for many changes in less than 2 weeks, firstable the menacing confrontation to the past I mean to go again to my old school and see my old teachers (some of them saying hello to me and having so many comments many of them telling me to keep up and finally get my certificate saying it was a good decision, some others like a teacher that is also a friend told jokingly me that I was an "Asshole" for letting all this time come and not closing what I did in the past, some others telling about many teachers of mine that already passed away and so many gossips, I have to say that it was difficult because You really feel like a pest and a loser for showing again there after so long.
I have to be grateful to the teacher that is helping me to move my papers, I already sent a letter to ask for the authorization to be in track and start my Residence with the teacher who is helping me and at the same time I sent my submission to start my social service If everything goes well (I really hope so) in about a week I will be working in the two situations so next semester to enter to the course I am going to help prepare and get my certificate by the mid part of next year.
My only concern is the money because as a person told me If they authorize the social Service that means that I need to stop working on Saturdays and that also means less money to me, to my plans and to my Family.
I just decided not to worry now and till I have all the permits to see If the school were I work can help me to keep my job and at the same time have the chance to do my Social Service, my comic work is not going to be affected that means less time to draw of course but I hope this final sacrifice let me really have what I can get in the future.
So what I will try to do is only to especialize my work and devote it to a very good pro work in case that happens over these months and the projects that I have with Nik,Pedro,Victor,Alan,Anna and Ron and see If I can start a nice project and stop caring about money because in cold terms I need to get as much as 4000 dollars in less of 6 months. I am still thinking how I will do that but only time will tell.
Well I am talking tomorrow with a friend and contractor from the school and let her know about my situation with the studies and I hope she helps me.

Talk to you later!
Love life well I have no idea but I guess I will be a bit busy to worry for some quite time.

Have a nice day!!


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