Sunday, September 18, 2005

19091985......Where I was?

20 YEARS AGO Posted by Picasa

I remembered where I was 20 years ago.
My father woke up really early around 7:05 to wake us up to go to the school (A Salesiano School) I have to say that I was really fortunate because the school where I studied all my childhood was in front of the house where I used to live in those times.
I remembered I told my Father I was feeling a little dizzy and my Father thought that I was just trying to avoid school but We saw a lamp in the room that was moving.
Yes, 20 years ago it was the Tremor in Mexico City around 7:30, thankfully the state where I live is around 4 hours from Mexico City and I am still amazed that We felt part of the tremor.So many stories I have heard from friends who were there.
That is one of those changing lifes days you as a country can and need to remember.
After that probably 30% of the population of Mexico decided to migrate to the states around.

See you tomorrow and wish me luck to convince the Academia from my school!
Funny to say but I need their help and I will be totally frank to them.
I hope to write solutions in the next post!!

Have a great day and value your life!!

I went out with Alfredo and We talk about the usual stuff later on I will comment on that.



The Old Lady said...

You were lucky you lived far enough away not to of been injured.Good luck for today.
June xx

wondy woman said...

Good luck for today, Jesus!
Go knock 'em dead.

Wondy x