Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I found the virtual Paradise again

Cinema Paradiso Posted by Picasa

Guys and Gals!!!!!!!!!

Hello I am coming back from my long absence and I hope to catch up with everybody in the following days.
Things are a little revolted here but everything has a much better shape.
I haven`t drawn for some weeks so I guess that this week I will start doing it again.
Well let me guys recommend you some movies I saw in this time I was in real life.

As usual watch at least for once in you life CINEMA PARADISO.
It is my favorite italian movie.

I hope in about 3 days to send all the mailing to people. I still do not have schedules but I will move with the little info I have in hands.
Nik I received the packages finally!!! And as usual I am so thankful.
Pedro L. Lopez send me an email asap
Anita send me an email.
Victor I checked my mail and I saw your message.

Guys as usual let me get in track and I will finally set the word on my comic work for the year and next one.

I really missed you guys!!


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AnnaRaven said...

And you were missed to. I have to run to have lunch now but I will e-mail you asap.

Love and cheesecake,