Thursday, September 29, 2005

Love for Dummies: My Deja vu.

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Before something happens this image is taken from (funny place!!).

These two stories have something in common, just a little disclaimer I am mentioning this situation only because it happened to me but that doesn`t mean that I have something against some beliefs on the contrary sometimes is weird how people see me at times.

I met this girl some time ago in fact I mentioned her before, She is a dentist and She is even in the same class where Caramel Eyes is btw Caramel Eyes is just in another plane of Existance no interested at all or really concerned in her life, well this Dentist girl is nice I have to admit that her Family issues really scared me a little because as I was telling a friend some hours ago It is really hard to understand people with Family issues when you really have a semi nice Family, hard to relate indeed.
Well that is not the reason why I stopped to see her I invited her out some times..the main reason I stopped was because of her beliefs. She shares the same religion I have but to be honest I am the type of guy who really knows his own religion so I am so opened and happy doing what I do, I mean I do believe as an act of Faith but I think that religion is a private issue and it is about being a nice person no matter what religion you are the point is to have those moral standards that creates the concepts of what it is right or wrong, but She was the extreme I mean She is a really uptight girl and has a very squared way to see life.
One of the reasons I didn`t continue was because I know that for her was difficult to accept the type of work I do for Comics and besides that my way to see life that in some part are against to what She thinks and believes.And of course now She is a little upset at me because of course She doesn`t know the reason why I stopped going out with her and I won`t tell her for sure.

Funny but the same situation happened recently, I met this petite girl, damn young in her early teens (to be exact 19),really great in spirit, firstable the issue of ages is a concern, my friend tells me that love is love but the way I see it is that I just can`t get in her life because there are many things She needs to learn and I can not be the one stopping her progress in terms or maturity, I do not want to mold a person I just want to share who I am, She is so fresh and plucky, sometimes We even have those kind of sights at eachother and well the other day was telling me that She had a different religion, to be honest I just told her that I do not really care about it I care more about the person, but her religion doesn`t allow people from other religion unless they convert and for funny that it sounds I do not like some parts of the structure of my religion but I am really happy and pleased with it... as my Grandmother used to tell me "You go to the mass not because of the priest but because of the ceremony".
So I just decided that is a case lost and I`ll just keep my mouth shut for the time being and I will start having some distance with her!
And here is the same Irony I am okey with any religion these two girls have but I am sure that I will be trouble for them to understand who and what I do in the long term..(Do I make myself understood?).
For instance once I had a girlfriend who was a nice person but She really couldn`t deal once when I was assigned to draw an Erotica story that was really really explicit.

hahah dating and loving is so complicated!!

Have a great time!!



The Old Lady said...

I can understand how difficult it must be.
Everyone has their own beliefs and we should respect them.I can understand with erotic drawings how they might be viewed by these women.
i suppose you need to find a young woman really who is a little less uptight(not sure if thats the right word),about your work.

antonio said...

Maybe the word instead of uptight would be "understanding and respectful".
Today I saw the sparky girl, and She told me that I told her that I wanted to talk to her (happens that last Wednesday I was about to tell her that I liked her but she started talking about her religion).
So today She arrived earlier to talk to me, I just told her that I was thinking over those days and I decided just to keep quiet and not to say anything.She asked me why and I told her that maybe was a matter of wrong timings and expectations.
She asked me other time over and I just told her ..What for?.
I have to say that She is really cute and I like her personality a lot, but as usual shit happens!!

And thank you Dear June for being so understanding and nice with me you know I love you a lot (same with wondy and la pequeña Annita).