Thursday, September 08, 2005

Saving a naive thinking from Reality

Lisa I am not Milhouse!! :) Posted by Picasa

Lisa I liked your post of Today about Lisa :).
I was thinking about my similitude with MilHouse and I only found that I wear glasses and probably getting in love of the wrong person but that is all. So my conclusion is that I am not MilHouse. :). Nice poem also.

Wondy!!! Wondy!!!Great to see you back and missing you tons well June, I and a big bunch missed you tons!!

Today I tried to paint a little but as usual having some days without drawing I feel rusty so I normally know that the first drawing sucks but the second will be incredible, I hope to post new work by the weekend.
Well I started my teaching again good point is that I will be free Tuesdays and Thursdays for my Social Service and Comic work and on Weekends to start gathering the information for the course I am helping a teacher to prepare.
I arrived home at 9:00 pm Yestersday and started to check my mails and the phone rang (yes ..You know who was calling me) happens that her English course will be closed and She call me only and just for a telephone number, She is looking for more people to get into that course so it stills open, and I just told her that I didn`t have the info She was in need and then She asked me how everything was going on with my studies and life, I just told her the surface of everything and then When I asked her about her life She got a bit upset telling me that I always wanted to know everything about her life and that it was sometimes tiring, the funny part is that She never opens up, in fact and for instance She likes to say what She wants me to know She never does as I did (to make her know me in full).That was really odd, in one part of the conversation She even told me that She would hang up the conversation in case I continue asking her about her life and well I only answered that She was more than free to do what She considered the right thing and that I would not care about her decision then She stopped and changed the topic.

Pharentesis:At this part of the Conversation I got a little tiresome I mean I was having that kind of conversation that you have with a girlfriend and I mean She decided to be nothing in my life.So I found that conversation a kind of hilariousand really dumb.

Well She told me She felt sorry again for making me feel She wanted something more and even felt sorry for all but her decision was already taken and She was okey (damn! Believe me I didn`t even ask her about her feelings so it was like a none asked explanation.)
She said that She doesn`t want to become a stranger in my life! (I still do not get her thinking and I do not care really because in my inner heart I do really want to be a stranger in her life..I can be naive but not stupid (sorry for taking your lines Lisa :) ).

I do not know but for me that call was kind of unnecessary, by the way I was not feeling blue this time probably I finished in my head thinking "What the heck is going on with her?"
I am starting to know that it is not me and I just told her also that everything that is going on in her life is her own responsibility and I am not the one to blame.

Really sad to understand that It`s only her problem. And I continue thinking that enough is enough and planning to be away from her totally.


Have a great day!!



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i'll show you mine,it's kinda small though!

antonio said...

thanks Jeff for taking your time and write!!!