Friday, September 09, 2005

In Between rivers you can face your fears.

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A suggestion there is a group called "Entre Rios" (argentinian pop electronic music). It is incredible its music.

Studies report:
I need to wait one more week so the Dean passes the paper and see If I can get the permit to continue the studies, Social Service same bullocks.

Comic Work:
I started drawing again and I will plan to color two more pages of Luchador!, I will draw a dummy cover to send to a top notch company.
The same as usual Dear friends just wait for me till I know my schedule to start programming our work. In the meantime I can only say that I am taking the last color copies and copies from our works (Nik and Pedro) so probably Tuesday that is my free day I will send the proposals finally to 3 companies.
Nik no sign yet from T.N.!
I made the first part of the interview to the Pro penciller I talked some days ago I hope He likes it.
Anna can you send me a mail I need a little help and also to comment on something that I have in my mind.
I send a mail to a person in country to see If He is interested in an idea I have.

Lovelife: Nothing to say today :) :) !!

Great day to all!!



AnnaRaven said...

Awww... you´re making me blush now !

I am sure the Dean will not be an evil man and will see no trouble at all with your paper, hon.

About the mail... sure :D

antonio said...

Maja!! Majisima!! Pedazo de Sol!!

Thanks to you and get blushed more often!! :)

I already sent to you a message!