Saturday, September 10, 2005

Create Art and defeat Death

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Today is Saturday and I am coming back from my job giving classes and it was funny indeed I enjoy the majority of my groups in fact all of them and I say hello to many people by the way I found the girl I said some days I will invite her out...hahah was awful because She was with her boyfriend (I didn`t know She had a now I am quite embarrased, so for now She is out of my limit so no more asking out to her :) ).By the way I saw today Caramel eyes She said she would call me tomorrow but honestly I do not trust on that I mean She has had so much time to do so and Hasn`t done so I won`t insist any longer or at least for some time.
Well I forgot to mention that two days ago a group was asking me to be again their teacher thing that made me proud because Obviously there won`t be any change but the word spread about my classes is what I am happy for.and I got a grade of 94 in my classes from the school.
Today after taking a little nap I will draw a cover for fun so hopefully tomorow or Monday I will load some new work.I will ask an editor friend of mine If He can get me illustration work to get some extra money and get also some exposure.
Monday I will see what happened with my Social Service and on Tuesday I need to organize the info for the course I will help prepare to get my degree in Architecture well in fact my Bachelor.
Thanks Wondy for the words about the last dusty drawing of mine.

Have a great day!!!


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