Monday, September 05, 2005

Sparks and Giggles

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I woke up early and well to be honest a little nervous, in a couple of hours I have a reunion in my old school to see the inner work over my Social Service and depending on that I will start moving my timings for this year and next one.
A friend who used to hired me in the company where She works called me today to say hello and also to tell me that 100 bucks that I still need to be paid will get my way in some weeks.
A person that I admire tremendously (A professional artist from USA) allowed me to interview him so now the list is like this.
2 Professional illustrators that are incredible fantasy artists.
1 Professional inker (and more coming)
1 Professional writer and 3 more to come
And Now this incredible professional comic artist.
The rule continues being True "The bigger the artist the better person"
That really made my day, He told me that it would take long to have the responses but in fact He will be willing to help and wished me luck in my artist work Wow!! I am taking tomorrow to send him the interview.
About the other interviews expect them soon happens that I really write long interviews so as I know these are just busy people they are taking the time to answer properly as I am saying to them I do no want to make a vain interview in fact I want to learn from them.
Wednesday I will continue drawing for sure.

Wish me luck in my reunion.

Next Wednesday I will ask a girl I like out so well I am trying hard to mend my mistakes.

Great day to you fellas and see you soon!!


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